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"Lives Depend On It. ®" is a Faith-Based Apparel Brand that aims to serve passionate people with a focused mission in life. Live with compassion and PURPOSE.

Created by Worship Leader, Singer, Writer and Entrepreneur, Trinity Anderson, "Lives Depend On It. ®" was birthed from a time where she was challenged with the decision to live out this very cause (Lead Worship Like Lives Depend On It. ®) while facing challenge in her own personal life. Week after week, she made the conscious decision to focus her strengths on leading others to Jesus as she placed her faith in Him to care for her own. 

"Leading worship through my own struggles wasn't easy. Many days I cried after just leaving the platform, but I knew that God had my back and for the time being, I needed to pull myself together for someone else who may have had it even worse than me. I'll never forget a Sunday, my Pastor at the time notified me that there was a couple that had come to our church, all the way from Africa, and they were believing for the wife to be healed before heading home. They had heard about the miracles that had been happening in our atmosphere and spent all they had to be a part of it.


His instruction to me that day was to do whatever it took during worship to make sure that the atmosphere was open for the Holy Spirit to do whatever He wanted to do. So at that moment, all of my own trials didn't disappear, but as others became my priority, God's grace carried me.

My hope and prayer is to raise awareness that as we go before others in ministerial tasks... and really in life... may we carry the weight of compassion, just as Jesus Christ did on the cross for each of us."



I think this shirt has

Super Powers!

All day today worship

was so powerful

because I led with a

truly different


—  a friend on Instagram

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